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Cancellation of the 9th Conference of the

Asian international Association of Dental Traumatology (AADT)

The decision to cancel came from the board of directors of the Japan Association of Dental Traumatology. The reason is for the safety of the participants, which is of course, the priority. We have now two confirmed cases of Corona Virus in Japan, both coming back from a trip, making air travel a big concern. Moreover, there is still the concern over the Taal Volcano eruption, which could also hamper air travel and safety. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

March 7, 2020 | Saturday | SEDA Ayala Center Cebu Hotel

     17:00 – 18:00             Registration

     18:00 – 18:30             Executive Meeting

     19:00 – 21:00             Welcome Reception

March 8, 2020 | Sunday | City Sports Club Cebu

     07:00 – 8:30              Distribution of Conference Kit

     08:30 – 08:50            Welcome Address (Dr. Chito Salazar, President SWU PHINMA)

     08:50 – 09:30            Keynote Address (Prof. Mitsutaka Kimura, President AADT)

     09:30 – 10:00            Special Lecture 1 (Philippines)

     10:00 – 10:20             Special Lecture 2 (Japan)

     10:20 – 10:40             Special Lecture 3 (Japan)

     10:40 – 10:50             Coffee Break

     10:50 – 11:10              Special Lecture 4 (Japan)

     11:10 – 11:30               Special Lecture 5 (Japan)

     11:30 – 12:00              Special Lecture 6 (Philippines)

     12:00 – 13:00             Lunch Break

     13:00 – 13:20             Special Lecture 7 (Japan)

     13:20 – 13:40             Special Lecture 8 (Japan)

     13:40 - 14:00              Special Lecture 9 (Japan)

     14:00 - 14:30              Special Lecture 10 (Philippines)

     14:30 - 16:30             Oral Presentations

     16:30 - 17:30             Coffee Break & Poster Presentations

     17:30 - 18:00             Closing Remarks

                                           Dr. Rodivick Docor, Dean, College of Dentistry, SWU PHINMA

                                           Dr. Omar Rodis, Coordinator, 2020 Organizing Committee

                                        Distribution of Giveaways


Only 300 slots available

Registration Fee for Meeting

                 Local:                ₱ 2,000                                   International:   $ 350 (Including welcome reception)

                 Students:          ₱ 1,200 (free for oral or poster presenters)

Fee for Welcome Reception (optional)

                 Local:                ₱ 2,000                                  

Deadline of Registration

                Local & International:     January 31, 2020    


Registration payment details

Bank:                              BDO UNIBANK, INC.

Accout Number:          001851325849

Swift Code:                    BNORPHMM

Address:                        Cebu-Elizabeth Mall Branch G/F Elizabeth Mall, Leon Kilat Corner South                                                            Expressway, Cebu City

Names:                            Ma. Paciencia B. Belarmino  or  Dr. Jaime M. Fabillar Jr

For local participants, pay through Palawan Pera Padala with the following details.

Name:                            Ma. Paciencia B. Belarmino

Contact Number:         0917 335 3686 


Please email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to mbbelarmino@swu.edu.ph          


Call for abstracts

oral presentation Guidelines

poster presentation guidelines

venues & maps



Mitsutaka Kimura

President of Asian International Association of Dental Traumatology

It is a great pleasure for me to hold the 9th Conference of the Asian International Association of Dental Traumatology (AADT) under the auspices of Prof. Rodivick Docor, Dean of the College of Dentistry, SWU PHINMA. This is the first event in the Philippines.  There are three societies on dental traumatology: The International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) recognized in the world, the Japan Association of Dental Traumatology (JADT) recognized in Japan, and the Asian International Association of Dental Traumatology (AADT) recognized in Asia. They perform clinical evaluation based on basic sciences from education, research and a clinical viewpoint. As a specialized field in each university and a dental service organization, they play a key role and continue to develop towards the medical forefront.


This time, I hold the society meeting by the sponsorship of the College of Dentistry, SWU PHINMA in the splendid country of the Philippines. I extend my special thanks to the President, Dr. Chito Salazar, and Dr. Omar Rodis (Tokushima University Dental School, Japan).


From the situation of stomatology, it is very important for healthy life expectancy to prevent a tooth from occlusal trauma, in particular, traumatic occlusion based on fracture and dislocation disorders, as a basic oral health care. Therefore, needless to say, this society is deeply related with Pedodontics, Endodontics, Operative Dentistry, Biomaterials, Dental Radiology, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology, Neuropathology, and Clinical Pathology.


Finally, I want to discuss the "SCIENCE" of Dental Traumatology with all of you in this conference.




The SWU PHINMA School of Dentistry prepares and trains its students in the general practice of Dentistry. The college aims to equip students with competence and skills in the application of the technical principles of the science and art of Dentistry.

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07 มี.ค. 2563 17:30 – 08 มี.ค. 2563 17:00
City Sports Club Cebu,
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Avail of the Early Bird Registration Fee



Crowned as the Queen City of the South, Cebu is the oldest and fifth most populated city in the Philippines. It was the first Spanish settlement, founded in 1565, and was the first capital of the country, retaining landmarks from its colonial past until today.