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The AADT 2020 - Cebu meeting will have two venues, the Seda Hotel and City Sports Club, each within walking distance from each other, and within Cebu Business Park.


For the Executive Meeting and Welcome Reception on Saturday, from 6PM - 9PM on March 7, the venue will be at Seda Hotel Ayala Center Cebu

     For further information:

        Homepage: https://ayalacentercebu.sedahotels.com/

        email: accebu@sedahotels.com
        phone: (032) 411 5800
        fax: (032) 411 5801


For the Scientific Meeting on Sunday, from 8AM - 5PM on March 8, the venue will be at City Sports Club Cebu.

     For further information:

        Homepage: https://citysportsclub.com/

        email: sales.manager@citysportsclub.com
        phone: (032) 415.8604



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