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SWU PHINMA supports global education for teachers

Southwestern University (SWU) PHINMA’s goal of shaping the students to become the best that they can be translates to reinforcing the faculty lineup. The school recognizes the need for educators to further hone their craft in order for them to provide the students with industry-relevant and the most advanced training. Thus, it is sending 11 of its teaching staff to pursue graduate studies abroad.

Choosing a program that focuses on one’s field can help him do better in his current job. A graduate or doctoral degree can expand his understanding and earn him specialized knowledge and experience in that field. Since it is PHINMA’s mission to make lives better through education, it supports its faculty’s pursuit of further studies so much so that it is shouldering all the expenses from the processing and laboratory fees to the tuition fees, allowance and accommodation.

Some of the teaching staff that has been chosen have been with SWU PHINMA for only a year while others started as students and were then hired after graduation. Those who have stayed for more than a decade said their loyalty can be attributed to the environment that the school has. “It’s like a second home. It’s like family. You stay because you’ve learned to love your colleagues," one said and the others chimed in.

John Michael Macaso and Leonedes Catibod, Physical Therapy graduates and faculty of SWU PHINMA’s College of Rehabilitative Sciences, just completed their Master of Science in Sports Physiotherapy degree at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. University Registrar Angelita Canene and Dean Lohindren Adorable join them in their graduation ceremonies today.

They all agreed that since the acquisition, SWU PHINMA has better employee benefits and better facilities for the students. The administration’s clear vision to prepare the students for the global market has helped a lot in the teachers’ choice of programs abroad. While they all expressed excitement as they will be exposed to another culture for a year and a half, they also admitted they feel pressure to meet the school’s expectations as they will be bringing home their learning later on.

Here is the list of teachers and their respective programs and/or schools abroad: Jo-Ann Belotindos, Master of Pharmacy Practice at the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Anthony Joseph Mercado, Master of Science in Nursing; Faye Jennifer Cabrera, University of Mahidol, Thailand; Rhomeljustein Redoble, master of Science in Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities at Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Sergio Sarza, Jr., Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Michigan; Wilfredo Tiu, Jr., Master of Rehabilitative Sciences at Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Merlyn Baraclan, Masters Program in Immunology; Rolaine Ann Añoza, Master of Molecular Diagnostic Science; Dr. Noeh Hernandez, Jr., Master of Science in Optometry major in Clinical Optometry at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; and Dr. Mary Joy Villalon-dela Peña, Masters in Health Professions Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

They are confident in taking on this new challenge knowing that SWU PHINMA will be with them every step of the way, thousands of miles notwithstanding.

Indeed, SWU PHINMA is here to equip students and teachers alike with the competencies they need to transform the community, the country and even the world for the better.